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The Ancient People stopped by for a visit to the Fashion Design Lab at West Campus on February 7th.  We had a good number of very wealthy Egyptians and a Roman “Lady of the Night”.  We had a couple of “lower class-types”, but the wealthy came out in numbers!

Here are a few of the good photos (we had a couple of camera issues and some photos were too dark to edit):



Ancient People!

Ancient People!

a Roman "Lady of the Night"

a Roman "Lady of the Night"


Everyone had great final projects; lots of FUN and we all learned more interesting history about the history of clothing!  The students dressed in costume and presented a creative board which represented their particular area of research.  We learned about wedding dresses through the ages, the 40s, 50s, 60, 70s, flappers, bathing suits, hairstyles, and the Lolita influence on fashion.

History of Clothing - Final Projects

{February 11, 2011}   The Ancient World!

Great fun on Tuesday with “History of Clothing” students dressed as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans walking around Pima Community College West Campus presenting their “ancient personas” to each other.  Here are a few photos….

The Ancient People - Egyptians, Greeks & Romans

A very wealthy Roman woman!


An Egyptian boy sporting the "Lock of Youth"!

Handmade jewelry by Sue

{December 22, 2009}   Blog – “A Dress a Day”

Lots of cool vintage patterns here for inspiration, purchase and education!

A Dress a Day

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