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{February 8, 2011}   Pajama Party 101!

I know I’ve been a wee bit behind (six months!) in getting this BLOG updated and I apologize.  I will try, from now on, to be a regular weekly poster as I know my small band of followers would like me to be more regular.  (If anyone wants to HELP me with this blog posting stuff, by all means…step up to the plate or keyboard as the case may be!)

With apologies in place and promises of a turned leaf, here are some FAB photos from the Clothing Construction I from the Fall 2010 semester.

The “theme” was “WILD PAJAMAS”!  My instructions to the students were to “Go Wild”!  Why be “mild” with PJs?  After all, you can wear them in the privacy of your own home and have FUN staring at your fabulous creation!  🙂


{December 23, 2009}   Color Trends 2010-11

Here’s a link I thought you’d enjoy to see the trend on color for 2010-11. Color trends always start with a “theme” and develop further from there. I think you’ll enjoy the descriptive inspiration/influences for the four color stories.

Happy Coloring!

Color Trends 2010-11

{September 5, 2009}   Fashion Trendsetter…

Check out the color forecasts for 2010-11; worth the look!

{September 5, 2009}   Another color site…

Food for thought and inspiration!

Good reference site re: color. Check it out!

Here’s the link:

et cetera