Cactus Fashion

{August 30, 2009}   Back at it!

Well, I’m back from the HUMID east coast where it had been raining for months. Many friends were considering building an ark if the rain didn’t stop.

I hopped into the Atlantic, where I always jump in and out after turning blue, but this year the ocean temps were 10 degrees warmer than normal, so I was able to stay in for over an hour at a time! Naturally, I ate lots of fresh-off-the-boat seafood and just-picked blueberries, which were in season and extra delicious this year. No time for dieting when you’ve got a piece of homemade blueberry cream pie calling your name!

Stopped off at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts (on my way from visiting family in Boston to my place in Maine). The museum has been redone and the new displays are amazing.

The most exciting exhibit I saw is of Harwood Steiger’s silkscreen’s from his studio in Tubac. We have the other half of the collection in our lab at Pima! I told the docent about our shared treasure and he was going to pass along the info to the curator.

The display of Harwood’s work is set up like his workroom in Tubac, complete with his printing table. There is a fabulous dress that someone in Arizona made with his print and rolls of his printed fabrics under the table.  (I apologize….my photos are NOT the greatest as I screwed up and didn’t have my camera set correctly. Anyhow…I’ve done the best I can in PhotoShop to clean up the images.)

The museum has a FAB collection of WORKING looms and sells a few creations in their gift shop. The docent I walked with was a retired firefighter and he apprenticed for two years with a master weaver to learn how to work the looms. He and his wife also do a “show and tell” about linen where they beat the flax and then turn it into a weaveable fiber. How cool is that?


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