Cactus Fashion

{July 1, 2009}   You have GOT to see this…AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Guinevere says:

incredible – I wonder how much that custom wedding dress cost…is it cheaper cause it’s paper or a lot more expensive because it’s paper…?…?

Nancy says:

Why don’t you email her and ask; Georgeanne asked the same question as to whether or not she sold the dresses.


Kristin says:

Those are really amazing. I sort of feel like they would be more expensive because it’s so custom and I bet it is very time consuming to make something durable enough to wear out of paper……also the hand painting alone would probably be expensive to have done.

Gloria says:

My thought is, just because something can be done, does that mean it should be? It may be an amazing craft, but it’s not fashion. Anything without fabric is a bit gimmicky.
I am a confirmed fabriholic!

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