Cactus Fashion

{June 26, 2009}   Thanks for stopping by!

Now my blog doesn’t feel so lonely; thanks to those who stopped by and posted a comment!

I have to tell you that I had a great time with the class during our quick five-week course; this was FUN! Thanks for being such a great group…eager to learn and willing to do homework at break-neck speed!

I’ll keep posting things as they come up and as I have time. Don’t expect too much from July 23rd to August 20th or so, but I’ll be back in action after my return from the Atlantic ocean (where I’ll be cooling off, hopefully). People think that it’s always cold in the Northeast, but not so! It can be very hot and humid, so if the East coast gets a heat wave, I’ll have the same suffering, only 3,000+ miles away!

Adios and have a great summer! Keep on drafting and sewing. 🙂



Gloria says:

It was great fun. I am just bummed by the fact that when I started to make a sloper for myself, I found that my partner didn’t take the back measurements I needed. I think she was focussed on heading for L.A. I am going to try to enlist a non-sewing friend into filling in the blanks and retaking others. The front bodice looks a bit odd. I got my Cameo book and software and am looking forward to starting that. I have played around a bit, but will wait for school to start seriously.
I saw the comment about help with the blog. I have never “blogged”, but helping would give me a reason to learn. Maybe we can talk about it when school starts.

cactusfashion says:

Great, Gloria re: potential blog assistance! We’ll talk about it in late August.

Too bad about your measurements; maybe (like you say), your friend could help retake some of them.

Good luck and we’ll address more issues (I’m sure) when we meet again.

I have contact info for Helen Armstrong, so am going to compile our “lists” and send to her this week. I am hoping she’ll give me a ring or at least a reply email. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Happy 4th!


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