Cactus Fashion

{June 26, 2009}   Margaret Islander…

Below is the website for the DVD we watched yesterday re: drafting pants.

There is a gal here in Tucson who used to work at Leandro’s Fabrics and “toured” with Margaret. She knows loads of her tricks and techniques. I’ll see if I can track her down and maybe she’d be willing to do a workshop.

Gloria says:

If you don’t want to buy, you can check out They rent “How-to” videos. I just sent them an email, asking if they could rent the Margaret Islander, Peggy Sager, or Sandra Betzina videos as a package. The usual rentals run around $8-10 per DVD. They have a “Sewing University” package, but it includes a lot of quilting and craft stuff.

cactusfashion says:

Good tip re: SmartFlix, Gloria. I’ve seen their website, but have never ordered. Thanks!

deidra banks says:

I am trying to draft a basic pant pattern for myself this week. Will let you all know how it comes out. Would be great to have a 1 day workshop in the lab for just drafting the basic pant pattern while the video is playing. Just the support alone would be great!! Wish me luck!!!

cactusfashion says:

Good idea, Deidra! Maybe we can do this in the fall.

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