Cactus Fashion

{June 19, 2009}   Blog Beginnings…

I’m surprised that I actually suggested doing a blog given my current “busy-ness”, but here it is!  I’m new at this sort of thing, so have patience.  I invite people (namely students) to post comments, upload links (I think you can do that) and keep in touch with our “blog community”.

I’ll post interesting articles, books, etc. re: sewing, patternmaking, etc. as I have time.

Here goes!



Susan Apthorp says:

Hi Nancy,

I think your blog is great! Thanks for posting it.

Susan A.

Gloria says:

I have gotten a lot of good tips from visiting other sewing blogs, but I always wonder about the time it takes to keep one up to date. How do those people have time to actually make garments? Selfishly, I am glad you are starting up. I hope we will see tips and references. Maybe you can just proclaim a sabatical if life outside gets too hectic and leave the reference material availble for visitors till you have time to go active again.

Kristin says:

Thanks for doing the blog for us even though you’re so busy. You always have good links and articles, so it will be a great resource for us…..and maybe it will be fun for you too. I’ve never had a blog but it must be at least a little fun or else I can’t imagine why so many people would do it.

Gloria says:

I just visited the Wild Ginger site. They are starting a new feature for user input. They are soliciting pictures of finished products using their software. We should do a class picture next semester with everyone in their Wild Ginger patterns

Nancy: Loved the mood fabrics site. Printed out the fabric estimator. Espeically liked the fabric dictionary. I have alot more to learn about fabrics. Will visit more after I study for exam. See you in class. Thanks for doing this for us. Looking forward to keeping in touch thru blog, after class over.

Guinevere says:

Love the blogs! Keep it going Nancy. I just learned a heap load of valuable information in the last five minutes of reading your postings.

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